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To make your day a little more special, have a look at our extras you can add to your booking.


Bouncy Castle

+ £50

Its a great addition for any event especially where you have a mixed age group. 

Size 11 x 15 x 9.5ft  

Please note: our castle can only be hired alongside our soft play packages and is for indoor use only.

To book, please select as an extra on the booking request form.


Ride on roller coaster

+ £15

This Ride on Rollercoaster will provide endless enjoyment and hours of fun - climb up the steps either side, sit on the car , and 'wheee', down we go. 

  • Over 10 feet (3 meters) of up and down coaster-riding fun 

  • Supplied with mini traffic cones 

  • Maximum weight 22.7kg

To book, select this as an extra on the booking request form


Additional Ball Pond

+ £15

When the big kids need a ball pond of their own! 

Each of our packages comes with a 4ft ball pond filled with CE standard balls, so no need to book this unless you are looking for a second ball pond. 

Its perfect if you have a mixed age group attending your event, a ball pond for the little ones to keep them safe and one for the big kids who cannot resist jumping into a ball pond. 

To book, select this as an extra on the booking request form.

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